Race in Vendici

An extract from The Four Races of The Fair City of Vendici, by Signore Filippo Michelucci, Master of Letters, Chair of Natural Humanisms, Università di Vendica:

“Beyond the four major races in Vendici – humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs, in descending order of population – there undoubtedly other, stranger, individuals present in our great metropolis. It is a fact of life that the four races differ in appearance enough to be distinct, with dwarves generally shorter and stockier than humans, elves more slender, and orcs broader and more thickly-built; but from a distance most dwarves could be stocky humans, or elves slender orcs. What, then, are we to make of reports of pygmy-like men who live in the deepest catacombs under the Collina di Orlanda? Or sightings by reputable citizens of a wondrously tall individual, said to tower over even the rangiest orc, but yet slighter than the thinnest elf? Might these beings be exempt from the apparently natural laws that govern procreation? In all the mighty history of the Vendician Empire, there is no record of a child born from a union between parents of different races, despite the waves of elven immigration in the days of Emperor Caius, the arrival of the dwarven folk during the reign of Emperor Severus, or the increasing trickle of wild orcs from their tribal homelands in the years since the fall of the Empire…”

Michael Neustadt, Master of the Guild of Vintners, Dwarf

Lodovici, Conte di Magnani, Elf

Dragomir Jezeršek, Merchant Prince, Orc


Race in Vendici

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