There are many smaller religious groups that cleave to what they see as the one true faith. Many are barely more than cults of one particular saint, prophet, or demagogue, but some are larger… and more sinister.

In the shattered provinces of Germania, there is even talk of a movement that rejects the sacred leadership of all three Holy Fathers, declaring that man needs no mediator between himself and God. These strange beliefs have not yet spread to Vendici, but word of such perversions have begun to trickle south, drawing confusion and disdain from the faithful.

Other religions following strange gods or other prophets are not completely unknown in Vendici, although they are far from common. A small community of Sardinian Muselmenn, followers of the prophet Mohamat, have established themselves in the Eastern Docks. Despite their expulsion from the Old Empire, families of Judaei are quietly establishing themselves in several guilds. Individuals with stranger beliefs still are always to be found floating in the flotsam and jetsam of the great city, drawn to the centre of the world like flies to a corpse.

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