The Black Church

Under Patriarch Innocentius X, enthroned in the East, at Padula.

The Black Church is the most conservative of the Churches, modelling itself on the Church Fathers. With its ranks restricted to human men and its services conducted in Koine Greek (the original language of the New Testament), the Black Church is viewed by others as enigmatic, even mystical in its liturgy.

The Black Church accepts non-humans and women – which it places roughly on par – only as novitiates, denying them full access even to monastic orders. Magicians are viewed as dangerous sinners, and encouraged to take vows in cloistered orders, where their unusual gifts can be put to God’s own work.

In Vendici today, the Black Church keeps a low profile, even in its strongholds of St. Lucia and Three Spires. Agents of the Church are rumoured to have been involved in the defection of the Monastery of Sant’Ambrogio from Red to Black a few years ago, but have been conspicuous by their absence ever since.

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