The City of Vendici

Vendici is the former capital of a now-collapsed continent-spanning empire, a heaving metropolis with no single ruler, no single law, and – at least according to some – not one single moral. Sprawling on the north-eastern coast of the Sabellian Peninsula, the city lies at the heart of the Lowlands, a fertile region once the heart of the greatest civilisation in history, now shattered into feuding city states.

The city itself straggles over the uncountable islands rising out of the various lagoons, the districts and quarters divided from one another by canals, basins, and shallow waters. Built primarily of white stone – some cheap painted limestone, some expensive marble – the city’s buildings are typically tiled in red terracotta, interspersed with flat roof-terraces where the inhabitants enjoy the evening sun under canvas awnings. Only the large warehouses of the Docks and the Temple District are built of entirely timber, and even there more prominent constructions are made of stone.

Vendici’s roads are tightly-winding cobbled thoroughfares that would barely qualify as alleyways in most other cities, but the extensive system of canals carries most of the city’s cargo. With the exception of the ubiquitous piazza, most buildings are rarely more than the length of a good running jump apart, and on many rooftops long, solid wooden planks can be found, to be used as makeshift bridges in the case of fire.

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