The Red Church

Under Pope Clemens VII, enthroned in the West, at Corvilla.

The legacy of the Vendician Cardinals who first brought about a schism in the Old Church, the Red Church was forced to flee beyond the lowlands to the former Imperial Provinces of Iberia. There, they portrayed themselves as militant protectors of the cross, eschewing political games in favour raising “Papal Legions” to enforce allegiance – and obedience.

Wishing to present itself as the Church of the People, the Red Church long ago adapted its liturgy for performance not only in Latin, but also in modern Vendician, Iberian, and even the dialects of the Germanians. As part of this early reformation, the Red Church allowed non-human priests of all races, but no denied them further advancement, the more open-minded members having splintered into the White Church. Perhaps because of its martial bent, however, those with supranatural powers are not forced into cloistered orders, although the Church does not advertise this fact. Most are encouraged to join the Church in some way – those with healing powers are hospitallers, for example – and agents of the Black and the White spread rumours of battle-hexery employed by teams of Red Templars.

In Vendici today, the Red Church guards its sanctuaries fiercely, but also plays the role of patron to devout members of Vendician society. Some noble lords and even guild Masters have been seen with red-robed chaplains, and even bodyguards in the mail and cross-visored heaume of the Templar Order.

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