The White Church

Under Pope Pius II, enthroned in the North, at Terrentizio.

The White Church is the most open and progressive of the Churches, having readily translated its liturgy to vernacular languages, opened its priesthood to non-humans, and even allowed elves to attain the rank of archbishop, citing the Apostle Bartholomaíos as precedent. However, the White Church is still a staid and venerable organisation, seeing itself as the true inheritor of the Papal Throne, and so has neither removed the rood screens segregating its congregation nor allowed women any real role of authority.

Perhaps in an appeal to traditional authority, the White Church is also deeply sceptical of magic. While it acknowledges that such is – usually – the gift of God, some of the most dedicated witch hunters in church history have been servants of the White. Magically-gifted individuals are encouraged to take holy orders, where Church tribunals decide whether their powers can be used without endangering their immortal souls. The cloistering of these individuals, allegedly for their own protection, is almost a given.

In Vendici today, the White Church seems to be actively seeking to displace the Red in the hearts, minds, and parishes of the common people. Small-scale acts of sabotage, theft, and even violence have often resulted in parishes, priests, and even smaller monastic institutions defecting to the White – although there is never any evidence that these events were deliberately orchestrated.

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